Kanna Shiroyuki
Kanji 白姫)カンナ
Rōmaji Shiroyuki Kanna
Also Known As White Princess
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Red
Affiliation Royal Oni
Occupation Teacher
Partner Rena
Relatives Rena
Allies Setsuna Kashiwagi
Enemies Zombie Clan
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut

Also known as White Princess (白姫 Shirohime) of the Royal Oni clan, Kanna is the older of the two Oni sisters.


Kanna has long silver hair with red eyes, she tends to wear a revealing outfits showing the middle of her chest and legs. As a teacher at Setsuna school wearing a woman business suit.


Kanna is loud, brash, and likes to approach problems head-on, which often causes a bit of problems for the others. Despite her personality, when it comes to her family, she is willing to sacrifice her status as royalty to ensure their safety, as shown when her cousin Hina was dying due to a rebound from a spell she tried to cast, she got down on her knees and begged Arima to give her some blood to keep her alive.

She is extremely flirtatous around Setsuna, as she wants him to think only of summoning her when he needs help. However she is also understanding and would give advice to him every so often to help him.

When she starts fighting, she is notably seen with a slasher smile, and shows a certain thirst for blood when against particular opponents. She is known for being quite arrogant to the point that she doesn't even take the strongest of fighters, such as Eronielle, serious. She seems to have a liking for belittling, embarassing and teasing people as she constantly teases Rena, and later teased and embarassed Erionielle after defeating her.


Kanna is the first birth from the Demon Clan and ruler of the underworld and the older sister of Rena and consin of Hina.



Kanna possesses an abnormally high level of strength as an Oni, having inherited the blood of the Transcended Previous Leader the strongest. This puts her in a league which that exceeds others in terms of speed and strength. This is shown a few times during her fights and especially so during her short confrontation with Erionelle, who despite being a capable fighter able to defeat Rena with little effort, as well as break her Life sword, was later defeated by Kanna with little effort (eve though girl had entered her full Zombie form). Another example of her power is her being able to defeat The Great Monkey Demon easily after regaining her memory when both Hina and Rena combined were completely unmatched.

She wields a powerful "Golden Staff" (kanabō) that acts as a bludgeoning weapon, which combined with her strength, makes her a powerhouse to be recokened with, which is why she is misinterpreted as the Power Type Oni.

In the final chapter, she further demonstrates her capabilities by defeating Rena to decide who will have Setsuna's heart (even though she didn't end up eating it after all). Although, she had stated that the girl wasn't actually trying to defeat her.


  • Of all the writer, Im Dal Young works, Kanna has most buxom figure.